Was driving home from church after preaching and I started thinking about why I preach.  What’s my motivation?  How do I know when I’ve done what I was called to do?  Should my goal be to make sure they liked it?  Maybe I try to be cool and say things that people will think are cool and relevant.  I know, I think about this stuff too much – just get up there and preach.  True – point well taken – I’m gonna keep going though.  I thought some more and wondered what I should be shooting for – I still hadn’t nailed down the big old why.  Am I worried about how clever, correct, or well spoken I am or more accurately – am not (I say “right” and ‘um’ about a zillion times).  I believe all these things can come into play.  It does no one any good if they fall asleep while I preach (although it could provide some much needed rest to someone who is really tired) and if I talk over everyone’s heads they will miss the point.  So I believe preachers are called to work at what they do.  We are to exhaust every (acceptable) means to convey the message, all the while trusting that the Holy Spirit is working through all of it.  He’s really the writer and should get all the credit.  And when all is said and done it is the Holy Spirit who does His thing with what I say.  And it is what God does in the lives of His people that really matters.  So the sermon is a winner if everyone hearing it (most especially the preacher) is changed, comforted, and renewed by God’s Word of forgiveness in Jesus! He wants all of us to live with His love in our hearts!


~ by Frederick Hoover on March 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Preachin’”

  1. PF
    if you quit thinkin about it so serriously(the ums etc)and speak from your heart as you always do, you do convey your messages, and unless they are a snoring, they may be listening(like me) I listen better with my eyes closed, it is easier to concentrate on what you’re saying and the direction you’re going, specially since it is getting more difficult for me to focus in any direction. great job dude!

  2. Thanks Nan – it’s so hard to turn off the critic in my head. He’s always pushing. This is usually a good thing as he doesn’t let me settle on what might be good enough. I just want to always bring what is helpful. I’ve come to the conclusions that the ums are part of who I am – and actually my favorite preacher isn’t smooth at all – he preaches from his heart and his Bible – two things that really matter in a good message – God Bless!

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