I think everyone knows it’s the day we remember 9/11 and the horrible events that happened on that day!  I was living in CA at the time and my brother woke me up early to tell me to check out the news to see what was happening.  Someone flew a plane into the towers!  He told me.  Bleary-eyed  I made it to the TV expecting some tiny Cessna had mistakenly crashed and nothing could prepare me for the reality.  Great big Jumbo Jets.  One had crashed and a second crashed as I watched.  It was hard to believe it was actually happening.  It  is still hard to imagine.  I think it’s hard to believe because we don’t want to believe that anyone could be so stinkin’ evil.  But it is true – humans can be pretty stinkin’ evil. That’s why I need Jesus – that’s why we all need Jesus – because of that mess that is deeply rooted in all of us.  9/11 also reminds me about what matters most.  Back when those towers fell I went to a Pastors Meeting and couldn’t help thinking that everything had changed.  Our world did change that day.  Gone was a feeling of invincibility – we are vulnerable.  I pray that we cling to God and to each other as we remember that we are nothing without God and His love for us! Let’s pray for all our leaders and for our world today that we wake up and realize that the people in our lives are more important than our stuff!  I gotta go and leave my stuff and hang with my family.


~ by Frederick Hoover on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “remembering”

  1. Amen brother. I remember that day and the first thing I wanted to do was call my wife and have her tell me that she was OK and my kids were OK. We were nowhere near any of that, but I wanted to hear my wife’s voice. Everything did change that day. I only wish the big push to return to God and prayer would have stayed because ultimately that is what we need.

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