Have you ever stopped the think that maybe church has become a competition?  Just look at your church and the churches in your area.  How do these churches talk about each other?  How do we respond to a church that seems to be growing and ours is not?  Did I hit a nerve?  Bet I did.  Now let me be clear, there are churches that I disagree with that are not preaching and teaching about Jesus.  I’m not calling for us to excuse false teaching.  What I am asking all of us to do is to take an honest look at church.  It seems an awful like like a competition and we are fighting over who is the most correct or most popular.  I’ve seen this in my own soul.  I was pastoring a church that was awesome – but was smaller in number to other churches in town.  My first thought was not what we were doing wrong,  my thoughts were something like this:  “They must be teaching the wrong thing.”  Another thought was: “They must be trying to entertain, that’s why they have all the people.”  It was like I was envious of them.  My church (see, I think it’s MY church – it’s not) had great teaching and loving and caring people – why didn’t we have the “big numbers”?  Over time I just came to realize that this isn’t a game to get the most people in my church.  Church is not about numbers.  I pray that every faithful church would grow and grow and grow and touch more people. So the deal is not about being big or small – its about being faithful.

This is God’s church – He does things in His time.  My focus should be on what I teach and how I treat people.  My job is to love others and forgive them – not tear them down.  I need to look at what going on in my soul and to deal with sin as God shows me where I need to grow.  Let’s ditch the competition and find ways to love and encourage each other in the faith.  Alright – lets do this thing!


~ by Frederick Hoover on September 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Competition?”

  1. As a pastor who serves a small congregation, I’ve come to realize that there is a need for small churches, just as there is a need for medium, large and mega-sized churches. Each size of congregation meets different needs for different people. My vision for this small congregation is that it grow strong enough to plant other churches without losing the characteristics that make a small church unique.

    • As you wrote the deal is to have a vision for the churches we serve and to have it be God’s vision. Its really hard to figure out whether the vision is mine or His – that’s my struggle. I know there are things I prefer and that others prefer – which is coming from God and which is coming from me. That’s what I am grappling with – move to where God is leading you guys! I will be praying for all of you at HC – serve on!

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