Monday Morning Quarterback – Nov 2!

McnabbYEAH – Go Eagles!  Way to take it to the Giants!  Ok – all done gloating – on to what really matters.  For a quarterback, sacks are a part of life.  For humans, death is sure to come.  God gives us hope in the face of this truth.  God has done something about death.  When Jesus died on the Cross He said, “It Is Finished!”  In Revelation 21 he again says “It Is Done!”  There will be a new heaven and new earth and God will be with us forever – its a done deal.  So why do we live in fear of the end?  I think its because we have a hard time grasping the basic truth of our faith – that Jesus died for us and rose to give us life.  He did that for you – just as you are and whatever state you find yourself in as you read this.  Yesterday in worship we sang the Laura Story song (done by Chris Tomlin) “Indescribable”  Great song – awesome lyrics – especially this one at the end that hits the nail on the head.  “You see the depths of my heart -And You love me the same”  Thats the deal.  Plain and simple – LOVE!  That’s why we can trust our eternity to Him!


~ by Frederick Hoover on November 2, 2009.

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