The Conspiracy is on! Oh Yeah!

I love Christmas!  I dig the lights and all the stuff!  I have no problem with folks decorating their houses on Halloween (I did some myself).  The lights are just lights.  They are just lights powered by electricity and yet they point me to something far bigger.  The arrival of the lights and the stuff at the stores signals that something is coming – CHRISTMAS!  That’s rights – it is on!  Christmas is on – yes indeed it is on!  Bring it on – bring on all the stuff – awesome – that’s what I say – bring it all (except that song about Grandma gettin run over by a reindeer – they can have that one).  It might be just lights and decorations; but to me it means we are all about to get a huge dose of reality. Christmas means that God is Here! He is really and truly with us in Jesus!  He is our King and I say let’s let the lights shine and embrace Him like little kids again.  I’d be willing to bet that there are no 4 year olds who are ticked with the Christmas stuff being out too early.  For kids, the Christmas stuff brings joy – how ‘s about us grownups?  Sure there are some bad things about this time of the year – but I say we throw ourselves into all Jesus is and embrace all He did for us!  Lets worship Him Fully!


~ by Frederick Hoover on November 28, 2009.

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