Put um up!

Put um up!  Sorry about that, didn’t mean to freak you out.  This isn’t some weird blog hold-up, it’s a look at worship posture.  That’s right – worship posture.  Let me begin this by stating empatically that I AM NOT ADVOCATING ONE POSTURE IN WORSHIP OVER ANOTHER!  Posture says something about what is going on our hearts and yet what we do physically isn’t the issue.  What matters is what is happening in our hearts as we encounter the truth about Gods love for us is Jesus.  Are we overjoyed when we hear that God loves us despite our sinfulness?  Are we overwhelmed by the fact that Jesus died for us even though we deserve Gods punishment?  Or is it just church?  Is it just something in our schedule to get through?  Maybe God’s Word is something we give time to because we feel guilty if we don’t read.  Here’s the deal: God loves us! Our worship (which is our response to His love – both on Sunday and every day!) is a response to His love.  Any body positioning will be a response to what is in our hearts.  I had never thought about this before working on our current series at Church on worship.  Our tradition doesn’t lift up those hands in church and I have always been critical of all the hand raising.  The issue is usually that I thought folks who hold their hands up where trying to draw attention to themselves to show how spiritual they are.  I must confess that I have been wrong and I repent.  The reason is that lifting ones hands up in church during a song or prayer could be very powerful.  Its a position of weakness.  Think of a robbery or when police tell the bad guy to put up his hands.  The next move is up to the one in control.  God is in control – we await His move, not ours.  Putting hands up could powerfully say that God has me dead to rights – next move is His – I have nothing to give  Him – but humbly submit to His loving control.  I am not trying to push any style of Sunday Morning worship with this.  I just want us to search our hearts and see any pride that might be there.  Maybe there is a deeper reason why I don’t raise my hands in church?  For me its a comfort thing and a tradition thing. I pray that even if my hands are down – my heart is raised to God and opened by Him to receive His unconditional love.


~ by Frederick Hoover on January 11, 2010.

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